Indian Hill Media's News Websites. V5 BETA was created in 1998 by Claremont based Indian Hill Media Inc. as a means of collecting comprehensive, "worldwide",  news about the people and city of Claremont. Over the years, search API technology has matured and via our technology partner, Microsoft Cognitive, our ability to deliver relevant news have developed in kind.  The applications we've written to perform these tasks undergo constant revisions to take advantage of Microsoft Cognitives expanding feature-set.   From our local newspapers to the national press and from international sources likely and unlikely, ClaremontCA retrieves, sorts and presents the news about the city and people of Claremont - updated throughout the day.  

Indian Hill Media is the parent company of, SanBernardino.Today, Riverside.Today and many other local news sites. Indian Hill Media also owns and operates Emmy Award-winning television and film post production businesses. Indian Hill Media's portfolio of web domains are developed by Smiling Dog Designs and are hosted by InlandEmpire.IO.

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Thompson Creek Trail
Claremont's Thompson Creek Trail